Kahawa 1893 is the first direct trade coffee brand to apply our sustainability metrics to highlight its initiatives to address institutional barriers for Kenya’s coffee producers and women, in particular.

While Kenyan coffee is well-regarded as a premium product, the country’s legal framework limits economic equity for producers, especially women, and other actors in the country’s agricultural chain. Kenya’s Government welcomes such initiatives as its Coffee Taskforce finalizes a plan to revive the sector by focusing on production and enhancing pre-export value.

Margaret Nyamumbo, Founder—Kahawa 1893

Using Bext360’s platform, Kahawa will track the origin of coffee, establish environmental goals and create a system to facilitate premium payments for women producers. As most women in Kenya are not the titleholders to the land from which they harvest coffee cherries, they cannot be paid directly; instead, payments are made to the landowner, usually the woman’s father or husband receiving payment on her behalf. With Bext360’s platform and blockchain capability, women producers participating in credit groups to fund their non-coffee related small enterprises.

Kahawa’s founder, Margaret Nyamumbo, shared that “Bext360’s technology allows my company to track our efforts to address economic barriers imposed on Kenyan coffee producers. And the software creates a new system where our women coffee producers are properly compensated for their harvest. I know that transparency will continue to influence behavior for positive change across the coffee sector.”

Photo: Kahawa 1893


Learn more about our partner here: bext360.com/kahawa1893