Laruen Magin (and camera) at origin in Nariño, Colombia.

The work of Moto Explorer and Photographer, Lauren Magin, is posted across our social media channels so we thought to introduce her formally.


Magin, a Bext360 Field Engineer, has a mechanical engineering degree with a focus on sustainable development. She left New York’s energy sector to explore Southeast Asia on moto for a year and settled in Thailand to hone both her lifelong passion for photography and her yoga skills (yes, we have a resident yoga instructor). Magin is the employee who creates photo libraries of coffee farmers while supporting machine operations, updates us on the latest in wellness and nutrition, and – if she had to – could speak French, Spanish or Vietnamese well enough to keep our team out of trouble.

For Magin, “Working at Bext360 gives me the chance to apply my mechanical skills and development knowledge to enhance the lives of smallholder farmers – mostly women – and to improve sustainable practices across the globe. That I can do so while continuing to explore new countries and communities with my camera and a motobike, and working with cutting-edge technology makes it more like an adventure.”


We are thrilled to have Magin on our team and encourage everyone to check out her work on our Instagram account!