Supply Chain Digitization

Sustainable, Transparent & Authentic

PROOF. End-to-End.


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Software as a Service

Configurable solutions for every stakeholder in the supply chain at each step, from origin to consumer. APIs enable Bext360 technology to embed in websites, supply chain management systems, point-of-sale systems and more.

Traceable & Authentic

Data is Collected at every stage of the supply chain and blockchained for an immutable record while qualifying sustainability measurements.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Deployed in emerging economies worldwide, Bext360 technology facilitates greater transparency, business intelligence, and provides a sustainability metric.

Origin solutions


Analyze the product and assign an industry standard quality.


Capture the weight of the product being sold through Bluetooth IoT connection.


Instantly pay farmers based on quality and weight. Input data into traceability software.

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GWP palm
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About us

Bext360 provides comprehensive and measurable accountability for critical supply chains.  The SaaS platform provides unsurpassed blockchain traceability and quantifiable measurements for sustainability.  Bext360 focuses on supply chains such as coffee, seafood, timber, minerals, cotton and palm oil to provide a traceable fingerprint from producer to consumer.  After all, how can you prove sustainability without transparency?


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